Muller shoes disguised as skin cool, drag high cold swept fashion circle

After the resurgence of Mules in the spring and summer of 2014, the scene of Kylie in high street slippers walking through the streets of New York in search of true love reappeared in the streets of! Two years ago, Muller shoes (Mules) it had been set off people of “retro” recall, Muller shoes (Mules) by a historical development of ancient Rome shoes come in earlier, the initial “Mule” is a French term that refers to the bare, heel at the front end open toe shoes. As early as eighteenth Century, most of the time they appear in the European royalty and nobles of the feet, even the men’s feet. In 50s, Monroe was set off again because of the romance.

穿上高大上的皮凉拖 低调秀时尚
Put on tall skin, cool, low-key, show fashion
Last year, Muller shoes boarded sandals popular list of thrones, it and classical “farewell”, appeared toe show style, further enhance the “sexy index”, become more modern!
Put on tall skin, cool, low-key, show fashion
But with the increasing popularity of minimalist style, fashion show T platform Mules Shoes Heels shorter and shorter, away from gorgeous and sexy is also far away. This year’s Muller shoes ride the Normcore tide, evolved into a new image, simply cut off heels, become a pair of leather cool mop appearance, strong return fashion (micro-blog) circle. High cold flat, shouting to you, “you have the ability to wear me”, and constantly arouse the conquest of fashion people.

Do designers wear clothes they designed?

Fashion Week show is always the same: the models in the T stage on the last gorgeous debut, the designer will play bowed to the audience, their behavior often reflects their attitude on display fashion series is scared, or crowed?
When they bowed, their outfits were also the focus of attention. Will they wear their own designer clothes at the moment? The most famous designer of our time never showed up in his own designer clothes. Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld, nicknamed Lafayette) may occasionally design a Chanel (Chanel) men, he also designed all the men’s own name, but for a long time, he has been Dior (Dior Homme) loyal customers.

Lafayette close seventy years of age began to wear Dior men, he had lost 40 kg weight was put on the Dior design director Eddie Slimane (Hedi Slimane) to design the narrow version of men, since he has “never change”, and in 2006 Eddie Slimane (as this is Shengluolan Saint Laurent creative director) after leaving Dior remains the same. Although Dior has been the focus of young people, but is now the oldest year old Buddha is still Dior fans.

Different colors of clothes, such collocation is good

Apart from the color, not so mysterious, rely on the three values of hue, saturation, brightness HSL change, and then arranged in a crisscross pattern superimposed on each other, let a lot of girls shouted: HOLD live!
Use everyone’s OFFICE to turn them back into shape: open their color editing module, you can clearly see the impact of these three values on color.
The black cross box in the left color area moves left and right. It’s the hue change: move left, warm (exciting); move to the right, cool (calm until serious, Leng Ku).
Moving up and down is saturation change. The greater the saturation, the less gray the color, the more colorful the color.
The small gray arrow on the right of the picture moves up and down, which is the change of brightness. The smaller the brightness, the darker the color, the closer it becomes to the black; the brighter the color, the brighter the color, the closer it becomes to the white.
Since clothes should be worn on their own, the skin color can not be separated from the HSL considerations. I adjusted it for most girls, color hue / saturation / approximate value parameter is roughly: 20-26/ – /200-235 (200 is dark), because of high brightness, so the saturation effect is not obvious (the difference between 150 and 200 below). On the whole, it belongs to the orange range of high degree, middle and high saturation (the upper left corner of the color area + the upper part of the brightness bar on the right), and there are not many taboos. But if it’s really dark,

Leopard clothing can be seen everywhere fashion highlights

Women love leopard clothing, which comes from nature’s most alluring fashion highlights throughout our lives. From the clothing to the bag to the shoes, the leopard is always wonderful from the female behavior between naturally or half unconsciously spread, heady.

Love and career Gao Yuanyuan is a great harvest of popular magazines shooting hot figure, marriage popularity is also rising, and more and more sister Royal fan, she took control of this Leopard Dress, can be described as a duck in water.
Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu after public affair emotional life tends to be stable, but also get the blessings of fans, more and more feminine poetry in the leopard splicing type double breasted coat quality are a major step up instantly.
No large area of leopard, itself is sexy women represent Mo Xiaoqi, dressed in black, leopard leopard handbags and the same color tie UPS, naked boots, is full of charm.
A lot of times, a dignified and appropriate OL workplace clothing, and then with a bright leopard leopard single product embellishment, you can make your whole body up and down, shining irresistible charm.
Hong Kong Fashion ICON Hilary Tsui has always dared to wear, changeful shape and known to all. From the upper body to the shoes, all kinds of leopard print elements combine into a playful visual effect on her.

Knitting, cotton, jeans.. What about shrinking clothes? Teach you three reduction

Baby Shampoo
Baby Shampoo

Apply to: knitting, cotton, wool, cashmere and almost all clothing materials
Not suitable: Silk
Technical support
First pour 1 liters of warm water into the sink or basin, and then 15 ml baby shampoo into the water, according to this proportion, as appropriate, add warm water and shampoo.
After mixing warm water and shampoo, soak the shrunk clothes in water and make sure they are soaked for about 30 minutes.
Scoop out the clothes and rinse them without wringing them. Then spread the clothes over the towel and roll them up.
Twist the towels together inside the clothes and wring them again for ten minutes.

Here’s an attitude list for T-shirts

T-shirts, as a single item without season restrictions, are undoubtedly one of the most popular basic items. Although the simple white T all-match classic, but also make people feel less attitude; if you are concerned about the trend, it is not difficult to find in recent years 90s street style strongly influenced the trend of fashion circles, such as the hot season Slogan T-shirt in the streets everywhere.
Want to express themselves and not merely “pull banners” this road. Graffiti, as a street art, also uses the most powerful visual language to express the attitudes of the young people at the moment, so the first impression is: Rebellion, radical and daring…… The art of “expressing anger, destroying public affairs, and preventing civilization” has not been recognized by mainstream culture for a long time.

But now, when we talk about graffiti, there’s a 180 degree change in everyone’s attitude. From the graffiti works began to enter the art museum, graffiti art cross-border cooperation has become increasingly popular, graffiti is no longer a minority of self Hi, is a national art carnival.
Since art is already wearing fashion cheap trick, the graffiti art and manpower necessary T-shirt combination, is a simple but effective direct way to let people express themselves. The world culture into the basic shirt, simple but not simple, it is always the UNIQLO UT hopes to convey attitude.
Left: UNIQLOX Andr Saraiva X Futura right: UNIQLO
This time, to find the legendary graffiti world’s French graffiti artist Andr Futura and Saraiva UT launched a joint series, designed to let the public with the first price to buy high-end. See so strong cooperation, not to mention you, who can not be tempted? Just a search online will find many stars and the trend of icon already wearing them.

Colette announces closure, the end of an era

As always, wave point, simple color, cold
Is the! Just 20 years of High anniversary buyers concept shop Colette will be closed in December 20th this year!!!
Paris world trendsetter fried trendsetter.
This morning the daughter of Colette Sarah published in Ins on the news of the explosions in less than an hour, the fashion circle and the media have fallen below cosmetic contact lenses.
Industry benchmark! Landmarks in Paris! The focus of the world of fashion trendsetter! The end of an era!!
Sarah said, mother Ms. Colette is old, it is time to have their own time, all good things will come to an end, no Colette is not a real Colette.

At the best of times, choose the end of attitude
Maybe this is the perfect ending
Sarah said, after the Colette shop will be taken over by Saint Laurent, the netizen indignant on Ins said, Saint Laurent no Yves Saint Mr. Laurant?!
Actually, speechless!
Colette, in Paris, magically existed for 20 years.
When 97 years, mother and daughter to see a piece of open space, their downstairs feel quite a pity, so idle, bought.
Not in the fashion circle of the mother and daughter only surrounded by white walls, the store is divided into four spaces: fashion, art, music and design.
Is not willing to accept the interview, low-key man, all Colette and daughter Sarah basic every day to take care of the store, take care of the world window collocation, collect interesting tide, with the cooperation of the brand, not! Is the major brands scramble for cooperation with Colette?,

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